5 Things a mom from the Caribbean will get angry for

By Rumi Samuel Published on August 13, 2023
5 Things a mom from the Caribbean will get angry for

If you grew up in a Caribbean household, then you know there are certain things a mom will get angry about.  

Every generation has learnt through trial and error the actions or lack of that you should not test unless you want to see the bad side of the woman who is trying to raise you to one day be a responsible adult. 

While they may seem trivial, you can get a mom from the Caribbean angry by doing or not doing just some of these things:  

Forget to thaw out meat  

This act could potentially determine if she will still cook any dinner depending on the level of annoyance. Most children who grew up in a Caribbean household would have felt the fear of realising the trouble they’re in after their mom specifically asked to take a pack of meat out of the freezer to thaw out to cook, only to remember the mere minute before mom actually gets home.  

Many would have still taken out that pack of meat hoping to fool her, but don’t be fooled... mom knows you just took it out by looking at the frosty package in the sink.  

Leave dirty dishes in sink  

Speaking of the kitchen sink, nobody likes cleaning up dishes, but somehow moms always have to deal with more of the cleaning up than usual. That being said... never...ever...rest a dirty plate, fork, spoon or cup in the sink after mom already took her time to clear it, because the next thing you’re gonna hear is, “Who leave this dirty plate here? I just finish washing all these wares!” 

Are you going to answer?  

Locked bedroom door  

Terrible arguments have occurred between teenagers and their Caribbean mothers over this act of privacy.  

Unless you’re an adult or you actually built the room, closing your bedroom door will get you in trouble as a Caribbean mom always wants access to every room in the house especially if ‘you’re not paying any bills in the house,’ or ‘you didn’t put that door there.’ 

Talking back  

Ahh... are you feeling brave enough to argue...then don’t think you could get away with giving a Caribbean mom ‘back chat’ especially when you are still little. The eye that you will receive, and the subsequent response will put you in your place and bring you right back to knowing who's in charge and how much liberty you can give your mouth. 

Not greeting every aunty and uncle  

Don’t even think about going to a family function and forgetting your manners. Even if you have 20 aunts and uncles on either side of the family, you better make sure and say your hellos and good afternoons lest you receive the steely stare of a mom who would never want other family members to think you didn’t grow up with manners.  

We know these are just some things that a mom from the Caribbean will get angry for, what about where you're from?

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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