Antigua and Barbuda elected to UN Joint Inspection Unit

By Hanan Redwan Published on November 18, 2021
Antigua and Barbuda elected to UN Joint Inspection Unit

Ambassador Conrod Hunte was elected with overwhelming support from the United Nations Member States to serve on the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) for 2023-2027.

A release from Assistant Director of Communications Angelica O’Donoghue informed that the election took place at the UN Headquarters in New York on November 11 during the ongoing 76th General Assembly Session.

Antigua and Barbuda presented Ambassador Hunte’s candidature under one seat allocated to the Group of Latin America and Caribbean States (GRULAC). The election resulted in the twin-island nation receiving 138 votes as opposed to the other candidate’s 45.

“This is the first time Antigua and Barbuda will serve on this prestigious committee and is the second-highest position within the United Nations’ systems held by a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda,” the release added.

“The Joint Inspection Unit is based in Geneva and is the only independent external oversight body of the United Nations system mandated to conduct evaluations, inspections and investigations system-wide.

“Its mandate is to look at cross-cutting issues and to act as an agent for change across the United Nations’ system. JIU works to secure management and administrative efficiency and to promote greater coordination both between UN agencies and with other internal and external oversight bodies.”

Ambassador Hunte has over 30 years of experience in diplomacy, international affairs, renewable energy, UN oversight and management. He is also Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). He is serving his last year as a member of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) of the United Nations, a seat that Antigua and Barbuda occupy on behalf of Caricom.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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