Antigua: Woman said to have borne child for her father

By Rumi Samuel Published on March 25, 2023
Antigua: Woman said to have borne child for her father

Trigger Warning: The following article contains information of a sensitive nature. Details include that of sexual assault of a child. The contents of this article could be upsetting or trigger negative memories. 


A man who allegedly impregnated his daughter when she was just 15 years old has told the High Court of Antigua and Barbuda that he did not commit incest. 

According to reports, a man was having sex with his daughter since she was nine years of age and six years later, she became pregnant and delivered the baby nine months later. 

It is said that the young girl took the man to court for child support, and it was discovered that the child’s father is also the grandfather. 

The man was arrested and charged with five counts of incest, but when arraigned before Justice Ann-Marie Smith on Friday, he pleaded “not guilty.” 

As a result, the middle-aged man is set to stand trial on May 2.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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