Bail set at $500,000 for two women accused of murder in St Andrew Jamaica

By Rumi Samuel Published on July 07, 2021
Bail set at $500,000 for two women accused of murder in St Andrew Jamaica

Murder accused Andrene Mignott and Nadine Johnson were today each granted $500,000 bail with sureties when they appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

They are before the court for the killing of Kemar Elliott, who was of Waltham Park Road, St Andrew address.

The women, who are from Waltham Park Road, are being represented by attorneys-at-law Patrick Peterkin and Ayisha Robb Cunningham.

The Crown opposed bail because the two accused were flight risks and could also be possible interference with witnesses.

In applying for bail, the attorneys argued that the women are not flighted risks because they had surrendered to the police after the incident.

They also argued that the women are willing to relocate.

In granting bail, the court ordered them to relocate and report to the nearest police station on Mondays and Thursdays.

The case is set for mention on September 6 as the post mortem report is not ready.

Allegations are that on June 7 this year, there was an altercation between Mignott and the deceased, and she stabbed him.

It is further alleged that Johnson came up shortly after Elliott was stabbed and chopped him in the head.

The women were later arrested and subsequently charged.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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