Barack and Michelle Obama Snap a Picture After Voting Early

By Hanan Redwan Published on October 19, 2022
Barack and Michelle Obama Snap a Picture After Voting Early

The Obamas are encouraging Americans to make a voting plan and get to the polls amid one of the most consequential midterm election seasons in modern history

On Monday, the former president and first lady posted a photo from their early voting location in hopes of inspiring Americans to make their voices heard this election season.

"Michelle and I voted early today. Now it's your turn," Barack Wrote in a tweet alongside the photo. "Check your voter registration or update it at , then make a plan to vote early or on Election Day. Because every vote matters."

Michelle, echoed his sentiments writing, "I want to see you turning out to vote with your voting squad. Barack's in my  #VotingSquad — who's in yours?" In a follow-up tweet, she offered an additional resource for creating a voting plan, sharing a link to her, nonpartisan initiative when we all vote which aims to inform Americans about the voting process and inspire people to engage with politics.

In many regions across the United States, mail-in ballots have already been delivered and early voting locations have opened their doors, allowing citizens to beat the Election Day crowds and lock in their votes. In districts that don't offer early voting options, residents are beginning to narrow down their candidates in preparation to hit the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

This year's midterm election cycle  is massively important regardless of political affiliation, as numerous battleground races across the U.S. could be decided by just a handful of votes, ultimately determining the makeup of Congress and the priorities of state and local governments.

The most effective legislative bodies are ones that adequately represent the perspectives and values of their constituents — and the only way that can happen is if  everyone participates in the democratic process.

Check your voter registration, locate your polling place, and make a voting plan at to ensure that your voice is heard this election season.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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