Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are 'Madly in Love' and an Engagement Is Coming, Source Says

By Hanan Redwan Published on January 21, 2022
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are 'Madly in Love' and an Engagement Is Coming, Source Says

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's love is still real!

"Jen and Ben are doing great. Ben's interview with Howard Stern didn't put too much strain on their relationship. They understand that things like this happen sometimes, and words can get misconstrued," a source tells ET about the couple who rekindled their romance in 2021.

"They are madly in love, and Jen has Ben's back, which is why she wanted to make her support and stance known publicly. Things between their children are pretty organic at this point. The families respect each other and get along, so things are all good and fine on that front. Their friends think they will get engaged eventually, and it's only a matter of time," the source continued.

In December, Affleck came under fire after appearing on Howard stern'sXM show. He made comments about being "trapped" in his marriage to Jennifer Garner and talking about what contributed to the end of his engagement with Lopez.

Affleck clarified the comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Lopez told people that reports that she was upset about the interview were "simply not true."

Proof that the pair's relationship is going strong also comes in the form of the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer's latest fashion choices. In a photo posted on Instagram Wednesday, Lopez rocked a whole stack of necklaces, including a chain that says, "Ben."

Lopez, who also has a B mug in honour of her love, recently shared her intentions for 2022, and Affleck fits. In a pre-workout video posted on her Instagram, the Second Act actress said she is "just thinking about being mindful about what I want my life to be. Knowing that my thoughts create my life, and keeping those positive, so I can grow and be my best this year."

Lopez added that she wants to be "better than ever mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally" to "be the best mother I can be, the partner I can be. Be the best friend I can be, the daughter, sister, boss, person I can be."

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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