Best parenting tips for the rainy weather(2/2)

By Rumi Samuel Published on October 08, 2023
Best parenting tips for the rainy weather(2/2)

You may feel overwhelmed with how to deal with a hyperactive child at home. Perhaps you’re tempted to let them watch TV all day simply? But have you considered the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle choices? If you allow too much TV or social media now, your child will form unhealthy habits that will be difficult to break later on.

In addition, you’ll miss out on the multiple benefits of turning this into fun, memorable times with your kids:

Dance and exercise

Rainy days can make kids feel cooped up. But they’re no match for an excellent sweat-bursting dancing or exercising session.

Please encourage them to release their energy with a dance party or indoor exercise routine.

You can follow along with kid-friendly workout videos on YouTube or put on some music and dance together.

Movie time

A rainy day is an excellent excuse for a movie marathon.

Pick age-appropriate films, make some popcorn or snack of your choice and have a family movie day.

You can then use the opportunity to discuss the movie's themes and lessons learned afterwards.

This makes the experience as educational as it is enlightening; children love to learn, but they also love to do so in various ways.

Indoor gardening

Teach your children about nature and responsibility by setting up an indoor garden.

You can start with simple plants like mint, basil, and rosemary or small potted flowers like Zinnias, geraniums, or petunias.

Kids can learn about nurturing living things and the importance of caring for the environment.

Artistic creations

Rainy days can inspire creative expression.

Create a space for art supplies like coloured pencils, markers, non-toxic, washable paints, paintbrushes and paper, and let your children create some masterpieces.

These works of art can be used as décor in their bedroom or be framed and placed on display to boost their self-esteem and fill a space.

Plan for rainy outings (indoors)

Sometimes, despite the rain, you may want to venture outdoors.

Plan visits to a museum, indoor play spaces, the local library, or even a playdate at another home to keep the family engaged and dry.

Keep an eye and ear out for special indoor activities or events happening in your area.

Rainy weather may seem like a learning curve in parents' myriad challenges. Still, it can also be an opportunity to bond with your children and encourage their development in creative, educational ways.

By embracing indoor activities, focusing on safety, and fostering a love for learning and creativity, you can turn rainy days into cherished family moments and ensure that the weather never dampens your spirits.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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