BVI Governor issues warning with start of Atlantic Hurricane season

By Rumi Samuel Published on June 03, 2023
BVI Governor issues warning with start of Atlantic Hurricane season

The Governor of the British Virgin Islands, John Rankin, has warned that the territory can anticipate as many as six hurricanes during the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season which started on June 1.

But while he warned of the likelihood of possible hurricanes, he also said that this was a lower-than-average number for the usually busy hurricane season and pointed to the need for preparations for the destructive potential that storms and hurricanes could bring.

According to the Governor, forecasters have predicted as many as 13 named storms for the season, but just six are expected to develop into hurricanes. Of those six, two hurricanes are predicted to escalate into major hurricanes of category three strength or higher, the governor shared.

Regardless of the outlook, though, the Governor warned that visitors and residents alike should take steps to be prepared for the coming storms and hurricanes.

“I join with the Department of Disaster Management in encouraging all of us to do our part to prepare while we can so that no one is caught off guard should a storm or hurricane strike the Virgin Islands.," he said.

Being prepared, he said, starts with knowing the risk at one’s home. Understanding how wind and rain may impact property will guide further steps, such as adequately storing outdoor items and securing doors and windows.

The Governor said preparedness should also include the development of a family or household emergency plan so that loved ones can be made aware of safe places to find refuge in the home, nearby with neighbours and friends, or at an emergency shelter.

“A prepared community stands the greatest chance of a quick and efficient path to recovery if we experience a storm impact,” he added.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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