Caribbean Airlines announced as presenting partner of Reggae Sumfest

By Rumi Samuel Published on April 27, 2023
Caribbean Airlines announced as presenting partner of Reggae Sumfest

Caribbean Airlines Limited, a leading regional airline with over 16 years of excellence in air travel, has announced its partnership as the presenting sponsor of Reggae Sumfest, the largest music festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and the Caribbean.  

Reggae Sumfest,  celebrating its 30th year, has evolved into a week-long series of diverse activities, including an Artisan Village and the Sumfest Mall, which will have authentic Jamaican-crafted items on sale.

This partnership will extend for the next two years and will be prominently showcased through a unique decal on one of Caribbean Airlines’ new Boeing 737-8 aircraft. 

Since its inception in 1993, Reggae Sumfest has provided a platform for talented Jamaican artists to perform globally, allowing them international exposure. It holds special significance as it brings reggae music back to its roots in Jamaica. The event also contributes to the economy of Montego Bay as attendees patronise the hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.  

The festival draws a broad audience of Jamaicans, Caribbean people, and the Diaspora, who gather to celebrate the richness of Caribbean music, culture, and cuisine. 

According to Garvin Medera, CEO of Caribbean Airlines:  “We are thrilled to be once again the presenting partner of Reggae Sumfest, one of the most iconic events in the Caribbean, especially as the promoters celebrate the 30th anniversary. This partnership started in 2019 but was paused due to the pandemic.  However, we’ve re-connected, as Caribbean Airlines reinforces our commitment to promoting Caribbean culture.  Further, as an airline dedicated to connecting people across the Caribbean and beyond, this partnership makes perfect sense.”

Mr Medera also highlighted the importance of Reggae Sumfest in promoting reggae music globally. He said, “Reggae music is Jamaica’s gift to the world, and Reggae Sumfest provides the opportunity for people to come and experience it at its ‘home’ in Jamaica at the highest level. This collaboration allows us to be a part of this important cultural event and to share the best of the Caribbean with the world.”

In commenting on the partnership, Reggae Sumfest promoter Joe Bogdanovich stated: “In 2019, Reggae Sumfest and Caribbean Airlines embarked on a historical partnership as the greatest reggae festival in the Caribbean joined forces with the regional airline. The advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic disrupted the three-year venture, so this year, on the 30th anniversary of Reggae Sumfest, we are renewing the association in which Caribbean Airlines will be presenting sponsor”.

He continued: “The installation of the Reggae Sumfest 30th anniversary logo on CAL’s 737 is a matter of pride for us as it will announce our partnership at all gateways the jet enters and celebrate an important element regional unity. I firmly believe that music is a great unifier. The rhythms of dancehall, reggae, and soca have blended over the years as our artists collaborate in various creative endeavours. Reggae Sumfest has increasingly invited soca artists to perform on our stage, and I am aware of the popularity of our artists in the rest of the Caribbean and the world. Thanks to Caribbean Airlines for reviving the partnership for another two years. We hope that this signals many more years of creative collaboration.”

Reggae Sumfest 2023 is scheduled from July 16 to 22 and promises to be a spectacular showcase of Caribbean music, entertainment, food, and culture. With Caribbean Airlines’ support as the presenting sponsor, the festival is set to attain even greater heights. It will be infused with more excitement, energy, and international attention to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and the entire Caribbean region.

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Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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