Chrissy Teigen Shares That She Is Six Months Sober and Is 'Happier and More Present Than Ever'

By Hanan Redwan Published on January 20, 2022
Chrissy Teigen Shares That She Is Six Months Sober and Is 'Happier and More Present Than Ever'

Chrissy Teigen is celebrating a personal milestone. The model and TV personality took to Instagram on Wednesday to share an update on .her sobriety journey.

Teigen, 36, posted a series of snapshots showing her smiling and posing on her deck, backed by a scenic view of the surrounding hills that gave off an inspiring, hopeful and celebratory vibe.

"6 months no alcohol! Honestly, it kind of sucks saying it because even though I don't' ever crave it now, the time has not precisely flown by, haha," Teigen wrote. "I prob won't' be excited til a more significant milestone like at leasssst five years."

She also admitted, "Sometimes I don't' even know if I necessarily won't' ever drink again? I have no idea what I'm' doing, honestly, but I do know a few things: I now have endless energy, way less anxiety (no more benzos!), and I am *happier* and more present than ever. It's' pretty cool."

Teigen concluded that she's looking forward to "having my full body reset after one year, then reevaluating to see my new hopes and wishes for the future! Let's' goooo."

In November, Teigen took to Instagram to share her picturesque Thanksgiving feast with her family, which also served as a vital milestone in her sobriety journey.

Teigen shared that this year's dinner was remarkably different because it was "the first time I have ever been able to enjoy everyone enjoying dinner!!"

"I used to start my thanksgiving prep with a shot of cafe patron (COFFEE TEQUILA), and I'd pretty much take another every couple of hours," she wrote. "I didn't even make any crucial recipe errors this year! Toot goes the horn! anyhoo hope you had a beautiful holiday. grateful for you and your love."

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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