Cuban health trade union strengthens international relations

By Rumi Samuel Published on February 24, 2022
Cuban health trade union strengthens international relations

The Cuban National Union of Health Workers fortifies relations with organisations internationally.

Santiago Badía, general secretary of the National Union of Health Workers (SNTS), noted the strengthening of the relations between the Union and organisations of several countries.

The secretary noted that SNTS is closely joined with organisations worldwide, such as the South African Health Workers Union and UNISON, the largest labour union in the United Kingdom.

He also praised the close relationship between Cuba and the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of State Employees (CLATE). CLATE, as an international trade union, gather together state workers from Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this sense, Badía said that Cuba has excellent relations with the American Nurses Association. This association has visited Cuba and studied at the National School of Public Health in Havana.

Around 500,000 workers of the National Health Union will be feted today across the country on the 50th anniversary of the Union's creation.

There are also sister federations in Canada that seek to know the truth about Cuba, Badía said.  

According to him, members of the French Health Union recently expressed their admiration about Cuba's hard work in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They acknowledged Cuba, a small island in the Caribbean facing multiple economic issues, for having developed three Covid-19 vaccines and two other vaccine candidates.

Badía recognised Cuba's fraternal ties with many countries worldwide, expressing that Cuba is a unique example of solidarity.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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