Dancehall artiste Sekklez attacks 'Paternity Fraud'

By Hanan Redwan Published on September 14, 2023
Dancehall artiste Sekklez attacks 'Paternity Fraud'

Dancehall newcomer Sekklez believes that paternity fraud destroys families and needs to be stopped in Jamaica.

She is raising awareness about the issue through her latest single, 'Paternity Fraud'.

"Paternity fraud destroys families, dem need fi stop it," Sekklez said.

"I know someone close to me whose mother gave her to the wrong father, and it had serious emotional consequences for her, it mash up her meds.

“When my friend found out the truth, it was devastating because she felt robbed of a man who could have been a great father and that pushed the family apart."

The song was leaked on YouTube and Instagram, generating numerous comments and interactions online.
As a result, Sekklez is expediting plans to shoot a music video for the project this week.

Last year, she released a seven-track EP called Queen. Previously, Sekklez tried to compete in the well-known Digicel Rising Stars contest. After receiving a callback while auditioning in Portmore, she had to abandon the competition due to securing a job.

Nevertheless, determined to pursue music, she recorded her first song, 'Settle Down Thing,' which became popular at stage shows. Consequently, fans began calling her Sekkle Down Wendy.

"I adopted the name, and over the years, it evolved into Sekklez," she explained.

Sekklez is scheduled to perform at an event called Ambition in Bronx, New York, in October.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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