Duke launches healthcare initiative

By Hanan Redwan Published on January 30, 2023
Duke launches healthcare initiative

Political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) Watson Duke has launched a self-titled healthcare campaign which he hopes will bridge the gap between public and private healthcare.

 The Watson Solomon Duke Initiative promises free screening services across Trinidad and Tobago, discounts with partnering medical facilities and outreaches to even the most remote parts of the country.

Speaking at the launch at the Hyatt Regency yesterday, Duke said current options available in the country are not affordable. He said this is because treatment in the private sector is expensive and in the public sector patients can’t afford the wait to receive treatment.

 “By this initiative, working with my medical colleagues and several corporations, several businesses, we have decided to ensure that we will cut the time you have to wait and cut the money you have to spend,” Duke said.

 “We believe the government is doing all that they can do but we must do what we can at the same time This is therefore a humanitarian effort and not a political effort,” he said.

 Through the support of corporate T&T and the medical fraternity, director of the initiative Kezel Jackson said they have already raised $15 million worth in support for the campaign. These include, but aren’t limited to discounts in services at Valley Medical Centre, Rush Medical Services and Purivo Dialysis Centre Limited.

 Jackson urged people not to let political affiliations hinder their support for the initiative and the work they are doing.

“We can only heal when we move away from the bipartisan politics that often divide our nation. When you are sick do you flash your party card and say well I am UNC, I am PNM or I am PDP? No. On your dying bed, of what value is a political party?” she asked.

 “Let us move away from politics. Our aim is not for PDP members, our aim is for any citizen of Trinidad and Tobago that is in need of medical help.”

 Duke said from this week, patients will be assessed every Saturday at the PDP’s Barataria office in Trinidad and on Wednesdays at the PDP’s Port Mall office in Tobago. The free service will be done on a first come first served basis by a team of five doctors, ten nurses, and other health professionals. He said they also intend to go into communities to ensure they reach the most vulnerable.

 “The Watson Solomon Duke Initiative, like Star Trek, is boldly going where none would have gone before. Even in the most remote places, we would go. We do not desire a building. We will operate from a tent,” he said.

 Duke called for additional support for the initiative from corporate T&T and the medical fraternity.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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