Easter messages from Caribbean leaders

By Rumi Samuel Published on April 09, 2023
Easter messages from Caribbean leaders

Easter is the most important observance on the Christian calendar as the church remembers the death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

It is an occasion that calls upon the faithful to remember the message of Jesus' sacrifice to humankind, and as such, Caribbean leaders urge us to apply the lessons to our daily lives.

Here are some Easter messages from Caribbean leaders that remind us to take stock of what Easter means as we enjoy the long weekend.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley – Trinidad and Tobago

In Holy Week, we have been reflecting on the life of Christ. We turned to his agonising passion, his crucifixion, death, and burial, followed by a period of stillness and silence, and eventually his resurrection on glorious Easter Sunday.

In celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, we see it as a time to refine our understanding of the human condition and the self-centredness of our values. Alternatively, we are all offered the prospects of an awakening in the transformative power of a new self, which awaits us, a self which Jesus offers us in divine love with God.

As we reflect, we may discover that we are wrapped up in our search for true happiness because our value system represents personal happiness, based upon achieving greater security and survival, affection and esteem, power, and control.

Here then, is a need to call Christ. The Apostle Paul tells a lot about sin and, in his path, being enslaved by it but sets free by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

These Easter celebrations offer Christians moments to evaluate our programmes for happiness, which we hold dear to achieve incredible wealth, comfort, and prestige.

A deeper search may provide a better understanding of the frailty, brokenness and resilience of the human condition and the extent to which we all are alienated, in our daily lives, from others and God.

Prime Minister Phillip Davis – Bahamas

As our country steadily recovers from the ravages of natural disasters and the global pandemic, Christ’s demonstration of compassion and sacrifice and the power of new beginnings could not be a more convenient guidepost for our collective task of building a better Bahamas.

The past few years have been historically difficult for our people. Christ’s lesson of compassion reminds us that beneath the traditionally warm smiles and hugs of many Bahamians, unspoken hurts, needs, and ears can impact how we think and what we do.

No home or community can thrive if compassion is in short supply. May the Easter season prompt us to have the type of compassion that drove Christ to pardon his unwilling accusers and give a repentant thief the promise of eternal life.

Christ’s lesson of Sacrifice calls on us to give of ourselves, our time and resource, no matter how limited they may be, to uplift someone and stretch beyond their ability to cope. Sacrifice for civic involvement is an impactful way you and I can leave a lasting, positive mark on our communities. Let Easter inspire us to give and get involved, recognising that helping any Bahamian helps every Bahamian.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell - Grenada

This holy period reflects on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the significance of this event for Christians as a reminder of the hope and promise of salvation through faith.

As we gather with our loved ones to celebrate this particular time of year, let us also renew our faith and commitment to one another and embrace the values that bind us together as Grenadians.

Let us remember those in our community who may be facing difficult times and offer our sincere prayers and support. Easter serves as a beacon of hope, a reminder of the transformative impact of love and compassion and that even in the darkest times, there is always light to be found.

May this Easter be a time of renewed hope for us all. Let us take the time to appreciate the beauty of our island home, reflect on our many blessings, and continue to work together to build a stronger, more compassionate Grenada for generations to come.

Government of Sint Maarten

As we move through Holy Week, I encourage you to take time for reflection and contemplation. Consider how you can live more fully by the teachings of Jesus and how you can extend his love and compassion to those around you. Reach out to those in need, and offer support and kindness.

Let us unite as a community to pray and support one another during this sacred time. Let us remember that we are all united by our faith and that together, we can make a difference in the world around us.

May this Holy Week be a time of deep reflection, spiritual growth, and a renewed commitment to living lives guided by the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. Have a blessed and safe weekend as we spend this time with our families and friends.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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