Gifts to avoid on Mother’s Day

By Rumi Samuel Published on May 14, 2023
Gifts to avoid on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is today, and you’ve been thinking about what to give that special lady in your life. Moms often give so much to raising their children, and it's only fair that on the day dedicated to celebrating them that they receive gifts that are well thought out and relevant. We’ve compiled a list of gifts that you should avoid when making that purchase for your mom this Mother’s Day.  

Body soaps and lotions

This is a gift that is generally not advised to give to anyone unless it is expensive and unique to them. So don’t think buying body soaps and lotions will cut it this Mother’s Day. Invest your money and time into something she will truly appreciate. 

Cleaning supplies or household things

Seriously, what message is this gift sending? Mothers are often the ones responsible for children and home care throughout their lives. They don’t want a gift that is basically telling them they need to do more of those things. Mother's Day is a day when she especially needs a break from the gruels of motherhood; why not get a gift she can actually enjoy in her downtime? 


Nothing says; I didn’t put too much thought into this as giving someone sweet confectioneries. Your mom is a good woman; she doesn’t deserve that. It doesn’t matter if she has the most insane sweet tooth in the world; it is something she can get any time on her own, and a Mother’s Day gift should be a special treat from the babies she raised/is raising.  


You might be tempted to tattoo the word “mom” or her name on your skin. Tacky much? Many mothers aren’t as into this as children believe they are. Now you have her lying on Mother’s Day about how much she loves it. Just don’t.  

A card

Cards are notoriously cheap and can be found in the aisle of many supermarkets; it’s just not giving intentional thought. Unless this card is accompanied by the most heartwarming letter inside, along with a beautiful gift you just know she’ll appreciate, steer clear of the card aisle. 


Oh yay, more responsibility for the woman who has been responsible for you your entire life. Pets are not a casual gift you just give to someone. They take a lot of time and effort. So if your mom has not been waxing lyrical for months about how much she wants a pet, it is advised to steer clear from gifting her one.  


There is nothing like cold heart cash and many people will appreciate it. However, cash can also be deeply impersonal. So unless you are giving your mother one million dollars or more, chances are she would appreciate a gift you put thought into rather than your petty cash.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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