Harmon Resigns As Leader Of The Opposition

By Promise Published on January 26, 2022
Harmon Resigns As Leader Of The Opposition

JOSEPH HARMON HAS resigned as Leader of the Opposition in Guyana.

Harmon's move comes amid mounting pressure to demit office and make way for the new PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton.
Norton was elected Chairman of A Partnership for National Unity on Tuesday after former President David Granger stepped down from the post.
In what was seen as a largely ceremonial move, Granger stood down as Chairman of APNU and Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon resigned as General Secretary.
However, Granger remains the Representative of the APNU+AFC List.

Norton said Tuesday that his primary focus as chairman of the APNU would be to create a coalition where everyone feels embraced. He will now endeavour to win back the Working People's Alliance (WPA) and other parties that had given up on the grouping.



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