How To Support Your Friends When They Become a Mom(2/4)

By Rumi Samuel Published on January 15, 2023
How To Support Your Friends When They Become a Mom(2/4)

Remember as a kid when you could go up to someone and just ask them to be your friend? As an adult, it doesn't feel that simple.

In those first months of parenthood, having a network of friends who can support you and understand your experience can help make the transition much easier (and get you out of the house). But if you've moved, become a stay-at-home mom,  don’t have friends with babies or just don't know who to talk to at your kid's activities, it can feel lonely.

You can build those new connections, though, and find that understanding group of "mom friends" that you can vent to, get advice from and just hang out with. 

Ask if she wants company

Whether on a walk or going to an appointment, I love having an extra set of hands to help me out with things. 

Even now, I love when a friend tags along to something. It makes things more accessible and more enjoyable for me all around.  

Stay in touch

My friend Chardon of SimplyChardon on Youtube says, “despite having a newborn attached to you, motherhood can be lonely. I always like when someone asks if they can stop by for an hour or FaceTime for 30 minutes.” 

I cannot agree with this more! Strangely, I have never felt more lonely than being at home with a baby. It’s an odd thing to be fully responsible for someone else in front of you, but that person can’t talk or even really communicate what they need or want. They have an erratic schedule, especially for the first few months, and it can be hard to go from having control of your plan to someone else running the show. 

Reach out to your friends when they become new moms. Let them know you’re there for them. Maybe offer to chat on the phone on your way home from work — it might be the only regular conversation she’s had all week!

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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