Hunt underway in Guyana for escaped convicted murderer

By Rumi Samuel Published on May 21, 2023
Hunt underway in Guyana for escaped convicted murderer

A massive police operation is still underway in Guyana for a convicted mass murderer and death row.

Mark Royden Williams escaped a maximum security prison located in Region Seven on the bank of the Essequibo River on Friday. 

During a press conference on Saturday, Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn told reporters that the general area had been isolated and is being combed by scores of joint services ranked by land, river and air.

The police believe that Royden was shackled at the time of his escape, used a boat, and is believed to be aided by three accomplices who are all likely in the area.

“We are checking vehicles and persons in and out of the area. There will be restrictions overnight concerning the movement to various locations in the area,” Benn said as he reminded of a GUY $10 million reward for Williams' recapture.

Benn said he is convinced that Williams and his accomplices are still in Guyana. 

He also said that the boat used in the escape has since been recovered, and the boat’s captain has been arrested. 

The captain claims to have been forced and only managed to separate from the bandits following an engine failure.

According to the  Security Minister, the government was upset that such a severe and unfortunate incident occurred, putting the safety of people at risk. 

The convicted mass murderer escaped while being escorted back from a visit with the aid of heavily armed accomplices in a speedboat. The escort party was fired upon with AK-47 automatic rifles by men inside the boat alongside the Mazaruni River.

Williams was convicted of murders stemming from the Bartica massacre in 2008, when he, along with other gunmen, ambushed and killed 12 persons, including three police officers. 

Additionally, he had been sentenced to death in September last year over the killing on January 23, 2008, of Guyana Defence Force member Corporal Ivor Williams.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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