Hurricane Fiona: Bermuda Govt to shut down public services

By Rumi Samuel Published on September 23, 2022
Hurricane Fiona: Bermuda Govt to shut down public services

All government offices in Bermuda will remain closed today following the passage of Hurricane Fiona.

National Security Minister Michael Weeks provided the update yesterday afternoon at a media conference.

All public services will continue today until Monday, September 26th.

The last bus will depart the terminal at 9 pm, and the service will be suspended from 10 pm. The resumption of the bus service will be dependent on the road conditions.

Ferry services will be suspended from 4 pm.

Weeks is urging islanders to be safe in their preparations for the hurricane.

“The Hospital is already seeing individuals entering the emergency room with injuries due to storm preparation. So, please be careful as you trim trees and secure your homes during cleanup. Do not operate a chain saw unless you have proper protective gear and are proficient in its safe use,” he stated.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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