Machine Gun Kelly Says Megan Fox's Engagement Ring Was Designed to Hurt if She Takes it Off

By Hanan Redwan Published on January 19, 2022
Machine Gun Kelly Says Megan Fox's Engagement Ring Was Designed to Hurt if She Takes it Off

Machine Gun Kelly had a particular vision in mind when he came up with Megan Fox's engagement ring idea.

After less than two years of dating, the musician and the Till Death star took their relationship to the next level when the rocker popped the question last Wednesday with a unique engagement ring filled with meaning and symbolism.

Speaking with Vogue recently, Kelly -- whose real name is Colson Baker -- detailed the gorgeous two-stone sparkler.

"It's a thoroughbred Colombian emerald with no treatment. It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine," Kelly shared. "And the diamond was directly from [designer] Stephen [Webster]."

"The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings. When it's together, it's held in place by a magnet. So you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart," Kelly explained. "And you see this right here? The bands are thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts…."

Expanding on the reasoning behind the macabre band design, Kelly explained, "Love is pain!"

As for their fashion sense in general, Fox told Vogue, "Musicians have so much freedom to express themselves in the way that they dress. They can be so much more flamboyant than the vivid usually can."

"Before being famous, everyone who knew me always knew that I would always wear one insane piece, and everybody would be like, 'You dress weird.' And it wasn't until I was moulded and had to dress one way that I gave up on that," she continued. "Being with him, he's slightly eccentric in the way that he dresses—and that has freed me up to express myself more."

Regarding the engagement ring Kelly chose, the ring's designer spoked that after they got engaged and reflected on the stunning piece.

 "The two Thorn rings are crafted in 18ct white gold with white colourless diamond pavé, set with a pear-shaped untreated Colombian emerald and a pear-shaped D colour, antique-cut diamond on the other."

"I know the tradition is one ring, but I designed it with Stephen Webster to be two," Kelly wrote on Instagram. before explaining the stones. "The emerald (her birthstone) and the diamond (my birthstone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love."

Following news of their engagement, a source told ET that Fox and Kelly "are so in love and completely enthralled with each other."

The source noted that the pair "have spoken about their future as a couple and about getting engaged for quite some time." "MGK has been telling his friends how Megan is his dream girl, and he is always trying to make her happy and do romantic things for her. His proposal plan was no exception, and he wanted it to be extraordinary," the source added. "The two of them are so ready and excited to continue their journey as a couple and create more memories together."

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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