Man shot dead in the Bahamas, third murder since Sunday

By Rumi Samuel Published on September 30, 2021
Man shot dead in the Bahamas, third murder since Sunday

Police said that a man was killed off Wulff Road yesterday in the area known as the Big Yard.

This is the third murder since Sunday.

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters, police received a call about a shooting incident on Windsor Lane “in a community that is colloquially known as the Big Yard”.

“On the arrival of the first responders, they went to one of the apartment blocks, and at the door, they met a male lying on the ground in a pool of blood,” Peters said.

“When they examined the body, it appeared to have wounds consistent with gunshots.

“Preliminary investigation is that the man was seated on the porch when a culprit brandishing a firearm came from behind the building on the southern side and discharged a firearm in his direction, fatally wounding him.

“The officers canvassed the area and we are appealing to members of this community who saw and know of anything that happened to call the police department.”

Peters said the victim appeared to be in his late 30s to early 40s and is believed to have been a resident of the community he was killed in. 

Speaking on the recent spate of murders, Peters said it is up to the public to help police get a handle on gun-related crimes in the country. 

“The issue today… is the proliferation of firearms on the streets,” he said.

“Each citizen who is aware of persons in possession of these firearms is responsible for the events that happen. Suppose you know something and you did not do something about it. In that case, or say something about it, you are equally as responsible for what occurred today because you, as a citizen, should have said something so could have been done something on your behalf, and this perhaps might have been avoided.

“And so, we encourage you again to call the police where you know individuals are brandishing firearms, conducting illicit activity in communities where your lives are going to be placed in danger or the lives of your family members are going to be placed in danger.

“The responsibility for the crime is squarely upon each individual.”

He added, “I am asking you to man up, woman up and start taking some preparatory action so that we can get rid of this scourge in our communities.” 

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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