Mele 2023: Buju gives taste of new album at Mexico debut

By Hanan Redwan Published on September 10, 2023
Mele 2023: Buju gives taste of new album at Mexico debut

Buju Banton welcomed his new album 'Born for Greatness' while performing for the first time in Mexico at Melé Destinations.

The full-length follow-up to 2020’s universally acclaimed Upside Down, which garnered a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Reggae Album, dropped on Saturday morning.

The acclaimed and award-winning reggae star, performing in the early hours of Saturday, gave patrons a taste of the title track.

The 17-track album features collaborations with Victoria Monét  (Body Touching Body) Stephen Marley (Feel A Way) and Snoop Dogg (High Life).

In addition to the new single, Buju entertained the Caribbean crowd with evergreen faves such as "Champion" "Wanna be Loved", "Untold Stories" and "Psalm 23". 

He dedicated the song "Sleepless Nights" to a fan who requested it on the occasion of his anniversary.

While acknowledging the revelry taking place over the weekend at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Buju urged patrons to not ignore what is going on in the world.

Always one to touch on world affairs, he spoke about Africa and its awakening, likening the map of Africa to a face and stating that the mouth and eyes are opening.

"Something is happening to the cerebral cortex and the pineal gland and now you see the mouth of Africa is now open and you see the eyes are also open. South Africa is the mouth, Kenya is the eyes, Mali, Burkina Faso and all those places are right here," he said touching his head.

"So when all those things become activated, what is going to be happening," he said.

Buju. backed by his Shiloh band, performed for just over an hour, giving fans a spirited and entertaining performance.

He even returned for an encore with the song "Buried Alive".

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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