Pete Davidson Reveals His Dating Deal Breaker

By Hanan Redwan Published on November 17, 2021
Pete Davidson Reveals His Dating Deal Breaker

Pete Davidson is revealing what he's not OK with on a first date. The 28-year-old comedian appeared on iHeartMedia's iver café Table and talked about his dating deal breaker.

Davidson -- who's romanced famous women like Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and currently Kim Kardashian west -- told host and celebrity chef Ruth Rogers that being not friendly to a waiter guaranteed that the woman would not get a second date. The Saturday Night Live star said it would "immediately" be over.

"In my head, I would be like, 'OK never, this is it,'" he said.

He also shared that he doesn't like when someone goes out of their way to say "excuse me" to the waiter to get their attention.

"Like, just wait for the guy to walk by, and lightly [ask]," he said.

Davidson explained why he preferred to take women to restaurants on dates.

"If you go to a great restaurant, even if I'm as**t date, it's like, at least the food was great, you know?" he shared. "So she can be home and be like ... 'He paid and I ate, so.'"

Earlier this month, a source told ET that Davidson and 41-year-old Kardashian West had dinner together in Staten Island, New York, at Italian restaurant Campania. Davidson hails from Staten Island and told Paper magazine in 2019 that Campania is one of his favourite spots. A source also told ET that Kardashian West and Davidson are taking things slow.

"Kim and Pete are casually dating and seeing where things go," the source said. "Pete is really into Kim and excited about her. Kim likes Pete as well, but isn't rushing into anything serious."

Meanwhile, model Emily Ratajowski -- who did a photoshoot with Davidson -- recently weighed in on What draws to the comedian.

"He's got the height. Obviously, women find him very attractive," she said during her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. "Guys are like, 'Wow, what's that guy got?' He seems super charming, vulnerable, lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good! A good relationship with his mother, we love it!"

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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