PM wants T&T to be clean fuel hub

By Rumi Samuel Published on November 24, 2022
PM wants T&T to be clean fuel hub

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says Trinidad and Tobago aims to become a significant provider of clean fuel.

He commented Proman and Stena Bulk launched its first methanol-powered vessel, the Stena Pro Patria, outside the Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

The vessel is said to be the first of its kind, emanating from the partnership between global methanol producer Proman and Stena Bulk, one of the world’s leading tanker operations.

Speaking at the event, Rowley said T&T needs to do its part in the global fight against climate change and its effects on the atmosphere.

“What we’re aiming to do is to make Trinidad and Tobago a major refuelling hub for oceangoing vessels which can be refuelled by clean fuel. If that fuel is available as it is, and if it is close to the trade routes by these vessels’ traverse as it is… then this dream of becoming the supplier of fuel to replace the bunker fuel has led Proman and is supported by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, to not only supply methanol to persons who need it in clean fuel but to go one step further, which is to build vessels that are dedicated to using methanol…it is transporting methanol and burning methanol, how much better can we be?” Rowley said.

The PM said in our fight against climate change; there will also be room for economic development, thanks to the country’s geographical location and rich natural resources.

“Bunkering in Trinidad and Tobago is to be a major part of our economic development because we have something which we normally will sell to the world thousands of miles away, but we can sell it to passers-by right here in Trinidad and Tobago as well… it would be a major, major development concerning the response in fighting climate change issues,” he said.

From today, the vessel is expected to set sail, delivering methanol around the world.

Proman chief executive David Cassidy said with T&T being one of the world’s leaders in methanol production; he is confident they will be able to drive forward sustainable shipping.

“We will help to drive the decarbonisation of shipping which must lead and exceed global and regional regulations, exceeding the demands of our customers for their transition and exceeding investor expectations. Methanol will play a leading role in the energy transition. It is the only alternative marine fuel currently available which immediately cuts greenhouse gas emissions and removes other unpleasant pollution,” Cassidy said.

According to Cassidy, the Stena Pro Patria was named in honour of former Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited (MHTL) CEO Dennis Patrick, who was instrumental in the project until 2019.

“Trinidad and Tobago is known worldwide for the calibre of its petrochemical, operational plant management expertise. And together, we can help develop the next generation of low-carbon and renewable methanol plants. There’s also opportunity in the marine sector of the future, such as our first cadets trained here at the University of Trinidad and Tobago and now travelling the world on board this vessel,” Cassidy said.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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