PRIME MINISTER of Barbados Mia Mottley has pledged

By Elizabeth Swan Published on January 21, 2022
PRIME MINISTER of Barbados Mia Mottley has pledged

PRIME MINISTER of Barbados Mia Mottley has pledged to continue the work to reach the goals set out by the country after becoming an independent nation.

Motley made the comments while speaking to the media on Thursday after being sworn in as prime minister for a second term after she led the Barbados Labor party to a second historic clean sweep at the polls on Wednesday.
"We must also recognize that we're living in a very dynamic environment and that apart from those challenges, there is still the aspirations of development that we set as ourselves as a nation when we became independent in 1966, closing the development gap, eliminating poverty from our landscape ensuring that our children can be educated to the maximum and the best of their ability and of course ensuring that our people have affordable equitable access to health care, and above all else, that our people shall remain owners in their land and not tenants in their land and that has been a process of enfranchisement undertaken successfully by different governments," Mottley said.
The Barbados labour party was returned to power claiming all 30 seats in Wednesday's General election.
In expressing thanks to Barbados, Mottley said her Government is humbled by Barbadians' confidence placed in it.
"I would also like the people of Barbados for the unequivocal and decisive mandate as I said that has been given to us as a government we shall treat it with care as we have done before and we shall endeavour to continue the process of transformation if our country is to able to meet the challenges that we expect to face in the next 10 to 15 years."
"We are buoyed by we are humbled by the confidence, but I must tell you it places a tremendous burden. I have given the commitment I gave on the 27th of May 2018. I give it again now that I have to be the Government's chief opposition when necessary because the one thing I know is that I must not in any way breach the oath of office that I just took and that the people of this country must always know that the fairness which they value, the accountability which they need and the transparency which is required will always be part and parcel of the functioning of this Government."
 Mottley is also committed to continuing global solid engagement to access the fiscal space to do what is necessary for the country's development.
"This manifesto has been far more strategic because we recognize that you almost have to learn to read the ball and play the shots as they come, because of how the world is functioning today, and therefore we will have to continue a strong engagement globally. Because it allows us fiscal and policy space to do what we need to do. But at the same time, it also allows us as small as a nation to be able to contribute in our meaningful way to make the world a better place."
Meanwhile, Mottley will be taking on responsibility for the Ministry of Health over the next four to five days until she appoints her new Cabinet the following Monday.

And although keeping the portfolio allocations close to her chest, she hinted that changes could be on the cards for her office, as she insisted that innovation would be at the centre of how her Government will operate going forward.

Elizabeth Swan

Elizabeth Swan

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