Rates for Murdered Women Up in Cuba

By Hanan Redwan Published on September 17, 2023
Rates for Murdered Women Up in Cuba


The number of feminicides, or the intentional killing of a woman because she is a woman, has increased this year in Cuba, raising concerns among women’s groups in the country.

Cuba has recorded 59 known victims of feminicides so far in 2023, up from at least 36 in 2022, according to The Miami Herald. For comparison, in the last year, Spain, a country with about four-times the population of Cuba, recorded 49 feminicides.

The Alas Tensas Gender Observatory, an independent research group, found in a study that most homicides in Cuba are committed by partners or ex-partners, and it notes that most occur inside the home, “confirming that the most dangerous place for women is their own home.”

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said last April that “A single violated woman is not only a blow to the feminist tradition of the Revolution, it is an unacceptable act in our socialist society.”

Marta María Ramírez, a Cuban journalist and feminist activist, called for feminicide to be categorized as a specific crime that “would make it possible to prevent them and establish protocols. It would make it possible to count them, to name and provide reparations so that the families know that their mothers, their daughters, their friends, did not die because they asked for it, but because they were women, trans women, nonbinary, in a system that doesn’t protect them.”

She added, “The Cuban state is a feminicidal state, a state that does not legislate, that does not have effective protocols, that turns a deaf ear to our demands, to people’s cries for help.”

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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