Sherri Shepherd Debuts New Talk Show With the Help of Her Famous Friends

By Hanan Redwan Published on September 14, 2022
Sherri Shepherd Debuts New Talk Show With the Help of Her Famous Friends

Sherri Shepherd has officially made her debut as a talk show host! The View alum launched her daytime talk show, ,Sherri  on Monday, and her premiere episode was full of cameos from stars wishing her good luck.

The Daytime Emmy Award winner kicked off the first episode with a sweet monologue, giving her audience a brief introduction to their host. 

"I just want to say if you don’t know, welcome to the Sherri show," she said. "And in case you don’t know, I am Sherri Shepherd. I am a comedian, I am an actress, I’m an Emmy-winning former co-host of The View... I’m also a mother, a girlfriend and I’m also the girl next door who just happens to be living her dream because I’m hosting my own talk show!"

Shepherd shared how Oprah Winfrey reached out to offer her a wealth of wisdom before she began her new gig, joking that she had to take a potassium pill "because my fingers were cramped" after taking 15 pages of notes. 

According to Winfrey, the key to Shepherd's success lies in the energy she brings to her viewers. "She said, 'The energy that you put out, you will get back in direct proportion from your audience,'" the new host added.

Following her intro, Shepherd welcomed Real Housewives of Atlanta star  Kandi Burruss and comedian Kym Whitley as her first guests. She also featured Lorene Harmon, who became a viral sensation when she went looking for a Sugar Daddy in Walmart. The 97-year-old  to the aisles again promote Shepherd's new talk show.

Of course, Shepherd couldn't embark on her new journey without some help from her friends. The Sherri host shared a video montage of her famous friends and co-stars who reached out to wish her best wishes on her talk show premiere. The video featured messages from many familiar faces, including Rosie O’Donnell, Garcelle Beauvais, Rachel Lindsey, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and husband Donnie Wahlberg, Tracy Morgan, and Zachary Levi.

Earlier this month, Shepherd told that  that both Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres were her industry inspirations ahead of her new show's premiere. "A little bit of Ellen, a little bit of inspiration of Oprah, a lot of the laughter of Ellen and put that together, and then you got Sherri and I am like, 'Let’s go,'" she said at that time. 

In advance of her show's first season, Shepherd named Lizzo, Michelle Obama, and Michael B. Jordan as her dream guests.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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