SKN Parks and Beaches Unit Workers Protest Against Mistreatment

By Liz Myke Published on January 17, 2022
SKN Parks and Beaches Unit Workers Protest Against Mistreatment

St. Kitts and Nevis government Parks and Beaches Unit workers responsible for the upkeep beautification of the communities and beaches took to the streets in protest this morning against the disrespect and maltreatment of the Coordinator of the Parks and Beaches Unit (PBU), Mr Bill Nisbett. Mr Nisbett is accused of sexual harassment and withholding payment from the workers.

The PBU workers stated they have complained continuously over the past year to the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health about the mistreatment, and nothing has been done to address the complaints.

In addition to the claims of sexual harassment and the workers stated that Mr Nisbett would take them to perform private jobs and not compensate them for the tasks completed.

As the workers reported to work at 7:00 am today, they posted signs on the job in protest which read “No More Private Work for Money. No more Robbery. Go back to jail”, “No more sexual harassment. No more!!!!”, “Save Us from Bill” and “No More Sexual Harassment Boys/Girls”, amongst others.

In a live broadcast by famous protest activists, one of the workers stated they had not been paid in 5 months. You could hear workers demanding that the Permanent Secretary come to the worksite to address the matter.

Mr Nisbett was heard stating they needed to go to work or the police would be called to intervene. Workers can be heard shouting in frustration to “Bring the Police. We are not doing anything wrong”.

After being threatened by the PBU Coordinator, the workers took the protest throughout the streets of Basseterre with placards demanding fair treatment and that an end be put to the mistreatment and sexual harassment. Workers were heard chanting through the streets of Basseterre, “We ain want Bill. Bill must go!”

The demonstrators were informed that Mr Nisbett would move to another department during the protest.

Liz Myke

Liz Myke


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