46 New Justices of the Peace(JP) were Commissioned on Thursday in St.Ann, Jamaica

By Hanan Redwan Published on July 17, 2021
46 New Justices of the Peace(JP) were Commissioned on Thursday in St.Ann, Jamaica

Addressing the ceremony, Chuck urged the new JPs to perform well not just for themselves but also their communities and Jamaica.

“Far too many justices of the peace feel that having been installed and now have JP behind their name, they can retreat to their cocoon and forget everything,” Chuck noted.

“The JP behind your name is not like CD, OJ and OM; CD, OM and OJ are awards that have been given for service; the JP behind your name is for you to earn and hopefully if you really do work hard, you might even get a CD to add to it.

“But I want to emphasise to you that the fact that you’re now JP doesn’t mean that everybody must bow to you and respect you; you must earn respect. Be your brother’s keeper,” he urged.

And in welcoming the new JPs, the customs urged them to do well.

“As justices of the peace, you are an integral part of the system of governance of our beloved country,” Walters said.

“My charge, therefore to you, is to continue to invest in the characteristics which strengthen your resolve for high service and volunteerism,” she added.

Walters said knowledge gives power, but a good character earns respect.

And acting Senior Superintendent of Police Dwight Powell, the commandant for the parish, in welcoming the new appointees, reminded that law and order must be the primary focus.

Powell said he was expecting the relationship between the police and the JPs to be harmonious.

Eighteen of the new JPs are drawn from the northeast zone, another 18 from the northwest zone, while eight are from the southeast and two from the southwest zones.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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