The Death of a 2-year-old Antiguan boy has prompted an investigation

By Rumi Samuel Published on July 23, 2021
The Death of a 2-year-old Antiguan boy has prompted an investigation

An autopsy has been ordered to determine how a 2-year-old Antiguan boy died on Tuesday.

Deidra Roberts has called out the Sir Lester Bird Mount St John’s Medical Centre (SLBMSJMC), claiming that staff was negligent in their treatment of her son Mark Jno Baptiste.

In an interview with activist Jacqui Quinn, Roberts explained she had taken Jno Baptisteto to the hospital after experiencing pain in his stomach, back, and hands-on on July 16. 

She stated that her son screamed and cried for over two hours at the SLBMSJMC before a doctor saw him

Roberts claimed that Jno Baptiste was prescribed paracetamol after being examined by a doctor, suspected that he had a viral infection.

The grieving mom said she felt “uneasy” after leaving the hospital and sought further advice from a private doctor.

Roberts accused doctors of not treating her son’s case with a sense of urgency even though her private doctor had indicated on her referral letter that his case was serious.

She believes if her son were admitted to the hospital during their first visit, he would have been alive.

“Just like police things, the first 48 hours matters,” Roberts remarked.

Jno Baptiste was due to celebrate his third birthday yesterday.

Today, SLBMSJMC extended condolences to Jno Baptiste’s family.

“We understand the family’s desire for answers; however, we want to give them (and the community) the assurance that the circumstances which led to the death of the child will be investigated and corrective actions, if needed, implemented,” hospital said in a statement. 

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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