Trinidadian police officer charged with human trafficking

By Rumi Samuel Published on June 09, 2022
Trinidadian police officer charged with human trafficking

Police in Trinidad have arrested one of their colleagues for allegedly being involved in a human trafficking and child prostitution ring.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), in a statement, said that five suspects were detained following an exercise in the north of the country last weekend and that three of the suspects are expected to be charged with being gang leaders.

The five are also expected to be charged with other serious offences such as supporting a gang, trafficking children, inciting a child to become a prostitute, arranging and facilitating the prostitution of a child and sexual penetration of a child.

The police said two foreign nationals and a police officer were among five suspects arrested after law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at premises in Arima where “police found and rescued several foreign nationals, including minors”.

“Sex paraphernalia, several condoms, a large amount of alcohol, a quantity of cash and a roulette machine were among the other items found and seized for evidential purposes from the unlicensed premises,” the statement said.

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob said with this operation; significant inroads have been made into the scourge of human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children who are seen as vulnerable and easy targets by unscrupulous gangs.

He said the TTPS would continue to relentlessly pursue these “depraved and heartless criminals who have no regard for humanity, the innocence of children and the sanctity of life”.

The suspects are due to appear in court later this week.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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