Valiant, Skeng for ‘Welcome to the Rumvolution’ summer kick-off party

By Hanan Redwan Published on June 02, 2023
Valiant, Skeng for ‘Welcome to the Rumvolution’ summer kick-off party


Two heavyweights in the entertainment space, Romeich Entertainment and Dream Entertainment, have teamed up with Red Stripe’s newest addition, Rum Stripe, for the summer kick-off party ‘Welcome to the Rumvolution’.

Set for Saturday, June 10 at Mas Camp Car Park, party-goers are in for a two-in-one party experience, as two stages will be set up for attendees to rep their favourite Rum Stripe flavours, whether the tangy cranberry or the smooth-tasting pineapple-coconut.

The event will feature live performances from Valiant, Skeng and Roze Don. 

“The Rumvolution party experience will be incomparable,” said Rum Stripe’s Brand Manager Jodi-ann Campbell. “We wanted to curate the best experience for our patrons as they familiarise themselves with Rum Stripe, so it was only fitting that we partner with Romeich and Dream Entertainment to make our vision a reality.

“We expect a crowd of over 3,000 people, and I can guarantee that not only will attendees fall in love with Rum Stripe, but they’ll have an unforgettable experience with the performances and interactive elements we have in store,” she added.

Also, DJ Shukkle Bus, Franco, Shella, Richie RAS and others will ensure a night of non-stop, high-energy music and great vibes.

Speaking further on what the public can expect, Managing Director of Dream Entertainment Scott Dunn said: “We believe that Rum Stripe is a great product and brand; one that will truly revolutionise the drinking experience for everyone.

“Dream Entertainment is all about adding to and improving the party experiences for patrons. We’re always thinking of ways to make each event memorable and with this partnership with Romeich Entertainment, one of the biggest brands in entertainment, and Rum Stripe, people are even more excited because they are guaranteed the ultimate experience,” he added.

Meanwhile, Romeich Major added, “Romeich Entertainment prides itself on being Promotion Kings, so once we are involved in the promotion we expect nothing less than greatness. People have been equally as excited to see all the talents we have on board and are also excited to try the product which I love to see.”

Rum Stripe was officially launched on May 17 at Club Mecca. It was introduced as a can rum-mixed drink in flavours cranberry and pineapple-coconut that aims to redefine what is possible in the ready-to-drink space.
Made with white rum and real fruit flavours, Rum Stripe intends to pioneer a new era and potentially change the way people think about and consume rum-based beverages.

Throughout the week leading up to the party, Rum Stripe will be executing several bar pop-ups at XO Fridays, Tac Bar, Holy Smokes and others. It also has a street takeover planned for June 9, with lots of sampling and ticket giveaways.

“It’s going to be two experiences but one-party series with cranberry lovers in a space crafted just for them and pineapple-coconut lovers in theirs. While we’ll all still culminate in one big area, it will be a unique experience that will certainly set the bar high for summer parties,” Campbell said.

Tickets will be on sale at select gas stations and locations across Kingston. These locations have been shared on Rum Stripe’s social media pages.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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