Covid-19: Delta variant discovered in Anguilla

By Rumi Samuel Published on August 09, 2021
Covid-19: Delta variant discovered in Anguilla

Two cases of the highly infectious delta variant of coronavirus (COVID-19) have been discovered in Anguilla. 

The Ministry of Health said the infections were discovered in samples sent for testing on July 21.

The infected persons, who have since recovered, were the island’s 112 and 113 infections.

Meanwhile, six new cases have been detected on the island, taking their number of confirmed COVID-19 infections 121.

Two of the new cases are unvaccinated teenagers that came into contact with relatives from the United States who tested positive for the virus on their follow-up tests. 

They are asymptomatic and are isolated at an approved location.

A vaccinated woman and an unvaccinated teenager, who recently returned from St Maarten, also tested positive for the virus. 

They had both submitted negative PCR tests before their arrival.

 But the adult was confirmed to be infected during a test on arrival, while the teen’s infection was confirmed while she was in quarantine.

The final infection was a vaccinated female visitor from the United States. 

She produced a negative PCR test when before and on arrival in Anguilla.

But a test taken before her departure on August 4 confirmed she was infected with COVID-19.

She is experiencing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is in isolation.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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