Toni-Ann Singh says working with 'divine talent' Popcaan is a 'dream'

By Hanan Redwan Published on December 09, 2022
Toni-Ann Singh says working with 'divine talent' Popcaan is a 'dream'

While speculation remains rife about the nature of their relationship, former beauty queen Toni-Ann Singh is paying homage to dancehall star Popcaan, describing him a "visionary" and "divine talent".

In fact, the Miss World 2019 winner says working with the entertainer, especially on their duet, 'Next To Me', was a "dream", and, for that, she is "externally grateful".

Released on November 30, the single, which further fanned the flames of a possible romantic affair between the two St Thomas natives, has racked up three million views on YouTube alone. 

Singh is no stranger to the recording studio, but it was her first official single since singing her heart out on Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' during the 2019 Miss World talent competition and on the final night. 

She went on to win both, with many suggesting that her vocal performance on pageant night sealed her victory. 

In a lengthy statement on her Instagram platform on Wednesday, Singh could not contain her love and adoration for the dancehall entertainer, whose real name is Andrae Sutherland.

"You know Popcaan? I’m where he’s from,’ I’d say proudly for yeeeears because I knew what you were. An alchemist. A visionary. A Legend. A DIVINE talent, and a PROUD St Thomas man," the 26-year-old former beauty queen wrote. 

"You made me feel represented, to the World. I would need that more than I even knew then," she added. 

Interestingly, Singh shared that only four miles separated her and the 34-year-old entertainer, as they both grew up in St Thomas. 

"What you have created out of so little, is unimaginable. I can only imagine it, because only four miles stood between us and I vowed one day I would do it too. 

"You have spun gold out of sugar cane, and cut diamonds out of river stones. To say I am inspired by you is an understatement. To work with you is a DREAM," she stated.

Acknowledging the 'Family' deejay as a professional who laid the foundation for other artistes, Singh said she was eternally grateful to him.

"I honour you. For what you are and for what you’ve yet to become. For the foundation you have laid for so many, myself included. For creating and sharing a moment like this with and for me, and our home. For making time to teach me, even if I don’t like to listen sometimes. For so much love and care, I am eternally grateful, Andrae," she shared. 

The 'Next To Me' song and music video is a passionate performance, which describes a couple’s yearning for each other, despite external forces determined to separate them.

Then came what appears to be a passionate kiss between the two on a rock along a river, which created the ultimate dancehall fairytale of triumph for a forbidden relationship.

Singh on Wednesday lauded the team that played a critical role in the song and video, and those who have supported its release so far.

"To every person who had a hand in making this a reality, God bless you! And to all of you who have shown this song and video such love and support. I feel your energy, and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude," she said. 

In what might be a parting shot to those persons saying that herself and Popcaan are a romantic item, Singh said: "If you’ve got something on your heart, get out t(here) and fight for it! People were going to talk anyways.

"You are already enough! Love ya," she quipped.

Singh wrapped up her sweet message to Popcaan and her supporters by assuring that the deejay's Great Is He (GIHE) album would be dropping soon.

"PS St Thomas STRONG. Dat is it!

PSS #GIHE coming soon," Singh concluded. 

The two have been dubbed a "couple" from earlier this year when they were spotted jetting off to Grenada.

She also appeared in a cameo on Burna Boy’s 'TAS (Toni-Ann Singh)', featuring Popcaan. The single – as is already known – was in tribute to her. 

Though the two have been spotted together many times, Popcaan and Singh have not confirmed that they are lovers.

Hanan Redwan

Hanan Redwan

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