UK Minister for Overseas Territories begins four day visit to TCI

By Rumi Samuel Published on October 02, 2023
UK Minister for Overseas Territories begins four day visit to TCI

United Kingdom Minister for the Overseas Territories David Rutley has started his four-day visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Rutley arrived in Providenciales yesterday, and Governor Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam greeted him at the international airport.

The minister joined Daniel-Selvaratnam and Premier Washington Misick for dinner last evening.

Rutley began his full first day in the TCI with a visit to the Maritime Branch.

In a social media post, the Governor’s Office said Rutley, Daniel-Selvaratnam and Misick boarded a Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force maritime vessel at the South Dock Port.

“Minister Rutley met the marine officers who led on intercept operations and received a briefing from border security leads on the process for landing migrants following interceptions,” the Governor’s Office stated.

He also visited the Radar and Maritime Operations Centre, where he discussed multi-agency operations to develop marine domain awareness further.

This is Rutley's first visit to an overseas territory as a minister.

Rumi Samuel

Rumi Samuel

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